hi guys
i'm new here and trying to put my old acer in my car and wanting to extend the existing screen (to save money)

I found this post: Extending your laptop's LCD cable: FAQ

very helpful.

althoug I could not find my answer there.
I opend me screen to find a couple of things

1 a silver foil with 2 wires coming form either end (not sure what this is, maybe to pick op static or something???)

2 a wire going to my webcam (pretty obvious what thats for)

3 the chip with the power to the back light.

4 and a "WXGA cable"

now i was wondering if it is possible to extend the wxga cable.
and what is the foil for?
I'll probably wount mount the webcam.

I also made a nice foto

hope you guys can help, or point me in the right direction.
also got a post running here about powering it (laptop not the screen):