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Thread: AMP 1.4 (and source) downloads

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    AMP 1.4 (and source) downloads

    Hey guys, since folks seem to be having problems finding the AMP stuff that was released into the wild, I've decided to throw it up onto one of my servers for you guys. You can download AMP1.4 (compiled) as well as the source code for AMP1.0 and AMP2.0 - get it all here.


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    Way to go CrimsonAudio. Much Kudos to you for the comiled version of 1.4. YOu Rock

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    Thanks for this link. Was just about to ask if anyone had the sources!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aychamo View Post
    Thanks for this link. Was just about to ask if anyone had the sources!
    The definition of irony. LOL

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