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Thread: Setting up Album Artwork in AMP v1.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonneboz View Post
    Thanks iamgnat, I tried what you posted, deleting the data directory, however the album art still does not show. For the record, I used Fixtunes to add the art, is there something better? Are many people still using this FE, if not, what is the best "front row" like FE?
    I know there are still some users using AMP, but I don't think "many" is in the vocabulary of any Mac FE when talking about users

    As far as a FR-like FE, CarFrontEnd takes some of it's look & feel queues from AMP and FR but I wouldn't describe it as FR-like. Of course there is always FR itself. Some people do use it (though you need a keyboard and/or a remote if you are using Leopard) and are happy with it.

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    I played around with Itunes itself, and found the fullscreen button (don't laugh, I just picked up my mini last week). It does basically everything I want it to, fullscreen coverflow, play, pause, fwd, back, volume. Couple things I don't like, mouse is always there (not sure if this is able to be changed, I don't have my touchscreen yet), and if you want to run anything else, nav for example, you obviously have to exit, and open the other program.

    Is there any FE that does the fullscreen coverflow?


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    NASair is the only FE i know that does cover flow; tho I am considering implementing it in NBB. if i did it would indeed be full screen.
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    Sorry to put all this in the album artwork thread I should start a new one just under macs...anyway, I downloaded NBB, liked it's simplicity (read, no need to do crazy, zany, ungodly things to get album art to show). That said, I don't think it's the style I'm going for, but it's tempting. If you could get fullscreen coverflow, I'd probably be down for the cause.

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