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Thread: AMP v1.0 Worklog

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    Quote Originally Posted by catboy View Post
    A couple of questions though.. I downloaded the program from the link on the first page of this thread/work log, and its quite different from the screen-shots on this/the last page.. Is there a newer version to download?..

    Second thing (the answer to the first question might answer the second ) would it be possible to make it mouse and keyboard control?.. Im planning on using a griffin powermate controller and no touch-screen (I know most of you guys use touch screen) so it would be cool to be able to navigate up/down and around all the menu's using arrow keys (up/down/left/right) and say enter and escape for click and back.. Obviously the back function can be done from the existing menu anyway, but might be a cool "shortcut"

    I dont know how this was programmed/written or how its done in terms of control, so I might be asking the impossible, but thought Id ask just incase its a simple thing to add in, or if its already there and Im missing something
    The latest screen shot was of AMP 2.0 which Aychamo is working on right now (there is no download for it yet), and I believe it will be more friendly to the type of control you are requesting... check 2 or 3 pages back and he talks about the new features.

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    I feel like some questions are starting to get repeated so just a reminder, read the full thread even if its long and always search before you ask.

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    I'm wondering how AMP deals with dual audio sources. By that I mean, say i'm listening to iTunes and i open GPSRouteX or some other software that does voice routing. Will I be able to listen to iTunes, but watch the map on nav software and then when the software says "Turn Left" iTunes get either overridden by this or nav software gets slightly louder or same volume as iTunes.

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    Let me know if I missed any AMP threads. Were there just these 2 that needed to be moved over?
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    I believe so.

    Welcome to your own sub forum, Aychamo!
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
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    Hey... badass

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    can we have keyboard shortcuts for mp3 player and radio ? so i mcan use my powermate

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    Quote Originally Posted by desperado.mac View Post
    can we have keyboard shortcuts for mp3 player and radio ? so i mcan use my powermate
    That question has been asked many a time already and is being or has been implemented.
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    it is 47 pages can i have an answer ?

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    why make us go thru the 47 pages to find the answer?

    use the search function, upper right corner and search this thread for keyboard, and you'll find your answer

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