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Thread: amp doesnt fit my screen

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    amp doesnt fit my screen

    im using a 7" liliput i got form and its hooked up to a mac mini. Every place i looked online said that the screen resolution should be 800x480 but when i did that i got 2 big black lines across the top and bottom and everything looked messed up. But i tried 640 x 480 (not sure on the 640 it might have been 680) and everything works perfect expect for AMP. When i open amp it cuts off a big part of the left side of the screen. So i was wondering how can i fix this?

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    check out this thread here
    800 X 480 on Mac Mini with Lilliput 7" touchscreen

    It works great for me.

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    yep use the settings in that thread u should have no problem

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    i have posted in the LCD/Displays section but noone replied to my problem.

    I followed the thread mentioned above but when i enter those exact settings into my system the 7in lilli goes out of range. Im running the eby701 on a mac mini intel core duo. anyone get 800x480 on the eby701 with an intel mini please let me know how you got it to work. thanks

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