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Thread: New Kindling website, need a little help from you guys

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    New Kindling website, need a little help from you guys

    I am designing a site for the new application Kindling and would like your input on the forums.

    Please feel free to register and post topics on what you would like in the application and general questions.

    I am also designing the site for a competition and we have made it to State. Please sign up for the forums and post topics on anything. My team just needs it to look like we have an active forum with member that really care. Thanks so much!! You guys will be doing me such a huge favor!!

    Also comment on the website like things you like/dislike and things that dont render properly in your browser. Thanks again!

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    Will do!

    I am excited!

    CarPuter Progress:
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    Software:-----> [||||||||||] 70%
    Finishing:-----> [|||||||||||||||||||||]99%

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    sign in and it wont let me start a new topic.
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!

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    sorry if there are any problems, im still heavily working on it.

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    Fantastic site and great application in the works
    but what about the icons?
    Are you shure that Apple will let a commercial application use its standard icons for recalling internal applications that use iApps data?
    I think it would be better to use brand new icons...

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