I think that was a great deal in the end. An AT&T 7" Tab for $199.00+free shipping. I'm very impressed with it. T-Mobile and Sprint tabs come with a 16GB card with 2GB internal, this one came with 16GB internal with a free SD card slot, so it could hold 32GB more...great deal for the price. Came in a brown box, probably used, but still had the sticker on the top of the screen and back, not one single scratch, so I'm happy. It's still on sale for $550.00 at Amazon (new, of course).

Too bad now I have two different tablets, one running 2.3.3 (Nook) and the other 2.2 Froyo. But I can't complain, for the price of two cheap resistive touch screen, I have a much more reliable multizone setup. Now it's all about the finishing touches. First, soft config, then I'll worry about a permanent mount.

I'm still waiting for the Tab holder, but here's what I have to work with now: