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Thread: Nook Color B&N ebay store for $199.00 ($50 off) until March 3rd

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    Nook Color B&N ebay store for $199.00 ($50 off) until March 3rd

    So this is interesting:

    B&N Ebay store.

    What do you guys thing? People are running Honeycomb on it already (just a zip file away I've heard).

    No GPS however. But the screen is great, small. A bit over my budget to use it as a headrest screen, but. Maybe if I buy only two of those. Plus using the Tasker app I may be able to:

    IGN ON -> Nook detects Charging -> Unlock, keep unlocked, launch video player last video played.

    IGN OFF -> Nooks goes on battery -> tasker tells it to turn off the screen, pause video/music and keep it on stand by.

    The chanllenge would be to develop a holder that could make it look like a run of the mill ebay sourced screen, but that also the passenger could remove it and browse the web/facebook/twitter/game whatever with it, if he wants to (wifi hotspot created by my phone - unlimited contract).

    Tempting. It's way too nice for it though. I've seen a Coby tablet on my local frys today for $149.00 ($129.00 on ebay) but it felt so cheap...running Android 2.0, 7" 800x600. $99.00 would be too much for it.
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