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Thread: Android help?

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    Question Android help?

    so, i want to use an android based umpc as a carputer. but im curious on a few things.

    Is there a front end for android?
    Is there a way to hook a dvd drive to it?
    Is there a way to connect a backup cam/gps??

    I have a saab, and i thought the iQon feature is a really neat concept and wanted to, get a head start.

    thanks for help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek Shain View Post
    so, i want to use an android based umpc as a carputer. but im curious on a few things.

    Is there a front end for android?
    No. My Droid has a CarDock app, but that's not really a front-end.
    Is there a way to hook a dvd drive to it?
    You should check in the manual. I doubt it, though.
    Is there a way to connect a backup cam/gps??
    Most Android devices have built-in GPS. But again, you should check the manual.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    As DP said, check the manual first. If it's a cheap foreign UMPC based on android, it's going to suck anyway. Those things are junk. No, there aren't really any front ends out there for android, some UMPCs based on android do support external drives but it's a firmware specific thing, same with backup cam and/or GPS. Some even support cellular data cards, but it's all firmware/manufacturer specific. If they didn't include drivers it won't work.

    Good luck with that, be sure to post what you find.

    Try RevFE
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    I toss my (rooted nd rom'd) Nook Color into a car mount and use it for nav (tethered to a cell phone for data and gps) and it is fantastic for that.
    But it is very limited otherwise- a headphone jack to connect to my headunit's aux jack, but the only other input is bluetooth.

    Most tablets are not quite so limited as they are intended to be tablets while mine is supposed to be an e-book.

    However, as said above most of the inexpensive tablets are just not made that well and usually have screens that are not good in bright sunlight. And the specs vary a great deal. AND the vendors seem to be making a cheap tablet for a few months and then moving on to the next one, leaving buyers stuck with little or no support at all.

    From what I have seen the best true Android tablets are the Galaxy tab and the Xoom, both of which cost far to much for what you get IMAO. Other opinions vary, of course.

    Android itself has great promise but in-car entertainment specific apps are currently still few. Hopefully this will change in the near future...
    But you will definitetely need to shop carefully if you want a full-featured Android tablet for your CarPC.
    Check specs and I would heartily suggest only getting a device with a strong, active developer community.

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