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Thread: Nook Color Install Mustang GT

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    Yeah I read that article and he covers so much info which must have taken a long time to gather, thanks for the link though. It has helped me in my quest for destroying noise

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    Also I apologize for not putting up a project log for the install, been really busy with school and my job with google. Hopefully I will be able to get to it soon.

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    no worries, trust me im in the same boat. finally got some time to throw my install together and start working out the kinks. google huh, that would be pretty cool.

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    Simply awesome! Can you provide some details about the wiring in your first post? Did you wire the momentary switch on the tablet to an external button? I thought about that with my samsung galaxy at one point..(risky business). Great job!
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    Great Work
    I would also love to know about the buttons extending part ( planning to install NC myself also )

    Can you post a quality pic of the pcb with marked location for where you soldered the extension?
    did you lose the original buttons functionality because of the that or both are operating?
    I also would love to know where you got those beautiful silver momentary switches ? I searched ebay and couldn't find something that looked good
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    Nice install, but I don't know if I have the balls to do that to my I'm looking to use mine modded w/ CM7.1 & Honeycomb theme, in my next setup. However, I think it would just entail making a dock for it though.
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