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Thread: Android Frontend App for tablets and phones

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanman1 View Post
    FYI everyone, Woot has refurb Galaxy Tabs for 259.....
    And Sears had the Transformer in stock yesterday for $387.00

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    10 has it today $399 but no tax for most states. Sorry California.

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    Hello all,
    I do appreciate your wanting to create new apps, but did anyone check the existing cardock apps in the Market? I think those are meant for small screens, but worth a try Just search for cardock or car dock in the Market, there should be a few in there

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    Alpha Version 0.1, just a teaser release to get some input

    Ok so heres a little update, Ive got it functional right now and just working out some stuff before I go further, so gonna be a little bit before I get more done. I have attached an APK to install and start testing, as of now you must be running Froyo (2.2) software or higher, so all tablets should be fine and a majority of new phones should be also. Because of the way the CarHome works the app itself doesnt have a launcher, so you can launch it using the google CarHome app and it should ask you which one you want to make default and just check the box to have it be default. Or you can install the launcher and do the same process with that.

    The reason Im putting this APK out there now is so you can post some screenshots of different devices so I can get a feel for how it looks and scales, I havent purchased my tablet yet (waiting for the new Samsung Tabs) so not sure how it will work on that. Also to get some input on what is done and what is going to be done. Lastly to take suggestions for a name for the app (currently AndCar is what im using but looking for something better)

    Here are the details for what is working and what needs to be done still:

    Application Launchers (with 3 pages of 6)
    Music Browser (playlist button isnt working yet)
    Media Controls on the bottom
    Home button brings you back to the first page of launchers
    Clicking the Now Playing at top slides down the current playlist (still need to get seek bar linked to song and album art to show)
    Long Click on launchers to set it
    Hard Menu Button brings up menu (need to use this to exit or go to status bar and exit car mode and hit home)

    Not Working:
    Weather (have it getting the weather but havent figured out how I want to display it yet)
    Recent Apps (will become last app button, which will bring back the last launch outside app)
    Video (just need to add that in will be quick because its very similar to audio)
    Bluetooth integration (havent started looking yet)
    Gesture Controls
    Appearance will be changed before final release to make it look nicer, general layout will be same just better graphics
    Previous Song Button (it restarts the song currently but wont go to the previous one)
    Speed and Dir displays (took those out due to screen space, if I put OBD integrated it will be with that)
    OBDLink (havent decided if Im going to attempt this or just leave it to be used with a 3rd party app)
    Settings (just havent gotten to it yet)

    If you dont know how to install an apk on your phone google it and you will find tons of tutorials walking you through.

    And finally here are the links
    AndCar-The Actual application
    AndCar Launcher- used to launch the app if you dont have googles CarHome

    Last bit of information-if you have some other car app from the market installed and have made that your default carHome app you will probably need to go into manage applications and clear default for that app to get the option of using AndCar

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    Good going NightJumper!!!

    I guess I'm in the same boat as you.. waiting for the new Samsungs!!!

    How about carDROID for the name?

    EDIT: Just googled and realized that there is some wallet app called CARDroid already

    EDIT2: dashDROID
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    Just another quick update:

    Got the weather working
    Album art now shows and took out the slider, didnt like the way it looked so decided it wasnt necessary
    Started working on a base skin, nothing to extravagant but makes it look a little nicer (once I get all the files needed I will release a skinning folder so anyone who wants to create a skin can use it to find out what graphics need to be made)

    Still need to workout the playlist and how it works exactly, do the settings page (have the framework set for saving and loading just need to make it so the user can actually set the settings). Add in video (this might be put off to version two because the displaying of video and controls is gonna be a little more complicated than originally anticipated). Working on adding in the ability to put direct dial shortcuts and locations in for the buttons so they are one click to call/navigation to frequent places.

    One thing Im working on is making it themeable, either with the same layout and custom graphics or with both custom graphics and XML layouts. Not sure how handling of the second will work entirely but it should work.

    I think that is it for now heres a screenshot of the main page so far with the new graphics
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    looks pretty awesome man, good work. still have yet to try this out, been kind of busy with work and just getting my tablet in my truck and rommed, this week should be good though.

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    Looks good, liking the style. Haven't installed it yet, might give it a try tonight.

    It should be fairly easy to do custom layouts with XML, I've had a quick look at the SDK and your layout should already be XML, so it's probably just a matter of putting the layout file as an external file that the user can replace. It's not really an important feature yet anyway.

    And if you do add video, you should probably put in an option to disable it, quite a few countries/states have laws regarding video and screens visible by the driver, so it would be nice to disable it.

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    Wow - looks slick. I have a rooted Nook and this makes me really want to test the application. When you bet beyond alpha and are ready to beta, I am willing to be a tester.

    I think there is a lot of potential for android - it looks like folks are designing a run environment for windows... lots of potential... LOTS.

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    @BadMonkey-My layout is mostly XML, like 98%, the problem that I see arising is that there are quite a bit of things (the 2%) that are dependent on the layout being done certain way. for example the center section is a frame layout which adds additional pages to it based on settings, if things arent done right then it will crash the app. replacing the graphics and keeping the general position of everything is easy to allow custom graphics, but to allow changing the layout would require a lot of changing of the code and make a reference for building the skin so people know what all is required (which is a lot of work for a project in my spare time)

    @Dekonich-the one I posted is more like a beta in terms of programming and functionality, but has none of the graphics, I should have a version ready hopefully in the next couple days (I dont work for a couple days so have more time to work on it) that would be ready to release on the market after I get some testing done and make sure it handles multiple devices ok. I have only a few more things to get done for the base functionality to be done and everything else is just extra features which can be released at a later time.

    And I am planning to release this on the Android Market for probably $0.99-$2.99 somewhere in there, but with this next version Ill give a closed testing to those interested. Which reminds me:

    If you want to test this next version send me a PM and include the type of device you will be using to test it

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