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Thread: Galaxy Tab in 06 Civic Si

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    Quote Originally Posted by hexxamillion View Post
    Cool. I replaced my headunit also. I think either tablet is just as good. Probably a matter of whether you are an apple fan and pay for everything or android fan and sky's the limit
    ya I read your thread. Nice job. I'm trying to figure everything out though on mine. I've got an Audison Bit One, and I also need head rest monitors for the kids in the back. If I go with the Galaxy 10.1 I want to make sure i can figure out how to get the video feed to them. I'm not yet seeing a way to do that. I've figured it out for the Ipad2 but I'm not sure i want to go the "what everyone else is doing" route. I'm with T-Mobile and I'm going to be getting the Samsung Galaxy S phone so I want to be able to tether it to the tablet, and retain all my apps. I think I read on here somewhere that you can do that or something.

    Still trying to figure it all out, like Rooting and Rom and all that stuff makes no sense to me! I have lots of research to do still!

    But mine will be a complete custom flush mounted application. I'm thinking I may even incorporate an actuator or something too. But I don't know if I'll get that carried away yet!

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    For the headrest monitors you just need to introduce a splitter or something that you can plug your tab for input (galaxy has hdmi) and connections that will output to the monitors. Check the forums I dont think there are quite that have headrest monitors. Imma do the same eventually.

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    Not the Galaxy 10.1 doesn't have it. At least not on board. I still have to go from the Galaxy to a usb out to go to the Bit one. Well it's the iStreamer that converts the digital signal to the analog signal that I send to the Bit One. My volume will be controlled via the bit one remote. The HDMI is a good input/output, but the only thing I fear about it, is the vibration and ti coming loose. However I only have Pioneer Monitors which only offer a standard input output of R/L audio and Video. So there are some things to get around. I guess I don't have to have the video now. I can always wait for the adapters to come out and then address it as they do.

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    I think I found a way to get the video and audio from the HDMI port on this, maybe you guys could shed some light on if it will work or not. Here's the link to my other thread on here that I started for this. That way I don't muddy up this thread.

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