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Thread: Is it possible to add a rear view camera to a Android tablet?

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    Is it possible to add a rear view camera to a Android tablet?

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and I am impressed by the information I am able to find on this site~

    I spent a whole day trying to find a solution hook up a rear view camera to a Android tablet, but it seems like there isn't anything available on the market...

    Can anyone please give me an idea of how to make this work?


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    none of the USB variants would work, but you might manage to make a bluetooth camera work with an app. Something such as this Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    USB could work , it depends on your tablet
    In the future , I'm planning to try using EASYCAP so that any car-camera with rca will work

    BT might be too slow IMO
    WIFI would be better ( IP-CAM ) , and the software part is already there as far as I know
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    What about a foscam wifi ip camera? there are plenty of android apps for viewing those, and they are cheap.

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    Thank you all for your input!

    However it seems like using the ip cam will make it harder to apply "automatic on" when shift to reveres...

    Although I would love to use Android tablet in my car, but I guess I have to stick with Window tablet as there is more support on Video Input.

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    the foscam and avtech has an alarm relay input that you could wire to your reverse light to trigger push video.

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