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    Tablet Standalone


    I'm planning on using a tablet to manage all my functions. From what I gather, the common way to do this is to connect the headphone jack to an amplifier using a component converter cord. I want to make sure that this is the only way to do this. I really want to have a surround sound system, which can usually only be managed by digital output.

    Do any of the Android tablets have other options for audio output?

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    I have been looking in to a way to use the hdmi out for sound from my tablet to my processor. I havent installed it yet but I know I will need an adapter to go from hdmi to optical out to go to my proc.

    Ive been hoping for a usb sound card that could hook up to the tablet directly but I havent found any just yet. Hopefully more development will come with Ice Cream Sandwich.

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    You can also look into a bluetooth A2DP module. Then that's cabling you have to deal with. The audio is just as good and bumps awesome for me. The challenge is finding a bluetooth A2DP module that is compatible with your tablet.
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