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Thread: fm reciever?

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    fm reciever?

    How do you guys get fm radio? I know there are a few older tabs that have fm, but most don't. I don't want to be tied to using data for fm if I don't have to be. Any other options out there?

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    interesting question

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    If you find one. by all means please post it. One of the issues with Android tablets is a lack of a FM radio solution.
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    If your radio station supplies an internet stream, you could try TuneIn from the Play Store

    It has almost all of my local stations available

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    some devices have it, most do not. search the play market for fm radio and it will give you a slew of streaming options and a couple of non streaming options for select devices.

    the current solutions being used right now to retain FM radio, CD, steering wheel controls and bluetooth are to use a headunit tucked away either behind the tablet unit or in a glovebox or center console as the amplifier. Otherwise there are a few units such as my Ca-Fi double din that come with android built in and retain these features but they have some problems in and of themselves.

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    Just need somebody to build an Android 3.1+ app to use Visteon/Directed radio, put it on the Play Store. They can make a buck-or-two to make up for buying the Slick USB serial library ($99). The app, of course, would talk to the radio via Mitch's cable.

    If I had the skills I would do it. There is something for MP3Car to do. Another (small) revenue stream.

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    theres a bluetooth audio transmitter on ebay thats supposed to convet an audio source via 1/8 inch connect to bluetooth but i havent done it yet, but will in a few days. i plan on connecting it to my hd radio by visteon/directed.

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