Well the time has come to replace my crappy half working BOSE H/U. This is my second run with in car "infotainment". The first was in my '00 Chevy Blazer I sold couple months back. I will link the thread below. When I got this car I found out that the H/U doesn't play CDs and the volume knob didn't work. The original plan was to put in my rooted NOOK, but I had to sell it due to financial reasons. So I was stuck with the BOSE H/U, Monster cassette adapter and a ZUNE HD. I have a rooted HP Touchpad which I absolutely love except for the complications of getting USB host to work. I decided to buy the stuff needed in order to put it in the car, since it was cheaper that buying the same stuff and a 2DIN DVD H/U. It won't be the prettiest install but it will be functional and removable.

The parts I will be using is a Metra install kit, Metra wiring harness for the BOSE amp, JL Audio CL-RLC, and a Proclip IPAD Gen 1 car mount. I'm heading to Houston for the weekend so when I get back Monday I will begin working on it.

My last setup:

Work on the Infiniti so far: