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Thread: Very Basic Galaxy Tab 2 - Tetrax mount - Subaru Liberty(Legacy)

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    Very Basic Galaxy Tab 2 - Tetrax mount - Subaru Liberty(Legacy)

    Hi all,

    First post I have been leaching info of everyone here for a little while much appreciated!

    I have installed a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch) in my 2005 Subaru Liberty (Legacy in the US) 3.0RB wagon.

    The standard McIntosh HU is not that easy to replace however I am not a real audiophile and it's good enough for me. I decided on an initial try with a Tetrax mount - very clever little bit of gear albeit pretty expensive for what it is. There are some installs with a hardwired built in solution. I am still considering this pending how the removable solution goes.

    Because the McIntosh is old it doesn't have an Aux in/USB/anything so I needed to puchase a connecting unit - an anycar link (sourced from About Sound in NZ) , which I have installed in the cubby behind the tablet.


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    Hi there,
    I am thinking of doing the same thing with the same mount on my Nexus 7.
    What has been your experience with the Tetrax mount and your tablet?
    Would you recommend the mount for a 7" tablet?

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