For my birthday, I got a Nexus 7 16GB Tablet. After reading this forum and seeing all of the benefits of a tablet vs. CarPC the decision to switch was obvious. The only feature I miss is the reverse camera. Currently, I don't see a viable option (IP cams are too bulky) to get that functionality back, but I'm sure as technology advances something will come up.

For those just starting out here is a short list of essential applications I have installed on the tablet:

Tasker: Configured to which to Car Mode, WiFi on, BT on.
Car Home Ultra: configured to set display brightness and screen always on while in Car Mode
Equalizer: very good application. I was surprised by its utility and it saved me from purchasing a half-din model
Pandora: Gotta have it

I also rooted the device. Future plans are to fabricate a host mode charging cable to allow me to charge the device and pull music from an external 320GB HDD.

The installation was pretty simple but I recommend a few items to assist with powering the device and dealing with the noise
- 12VDC to 5VDC (USB) power supply to power/charge the Nexus 7 (will require slight modification to USB-Micro USB cable to shorten the data pins or you may modify the power supply)
- 12VDC to 5VDC power supply to power the 5VDC peripherals
- Analog-to-Digital Convert to convert the output of the tablet to optical signal to rear of vehicle
- Digital-to-Analog Converter to convert the Toslink input back to analog going to the amplifiers

The above list is completely optional. However, if you were to go with the more advance installations using the Bit One or Ten D, I'd recommend the ADC and 5VDC power supply. Someday I'll post pics of my install and the stereo system. Now I have to find a way to recoup some of my $800 CarPC investment.