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Thread: [APP] Background Audio Video Media Player with Random

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    [APP] Background Audio Video Media Player with Random

    Media Player for playing video,Youtube and music in the background with random functionality.
    Allows using touch in fullscreen mode to go to the next or previous video or audio.
    Search and display photos of the singer and album cover.
    Youtube and Youtube Playlist search and play (only Media Player )

    >Background player
    >Audio,Video,Youtube (only Media Player) ,Youtube Playlists
    >Play Music and Video misc random
    >Touch full screen mode to go next or previous track
    >Search and display photos of the singer and album cover
    >Video and Music selection by folder
    >Repeat Function
    >Car Mode: black screen, big button e seekbar always on screen ( Only Media )
    >Widgets for Play Pause,Stop,Next,Previous ( Only Media )

    There are 3 version:
    Background Audio Player ( only music )
    Background Video Player ( music and video, simply and rapid interface )
    Background Media Player ( all )

    Background Media Player WIDGETS for Play,Pause,Stop,Next,Previous

    Previous Update (only Background Media Player)

    Background Media Player New Interface !!!!
    Improve, Bug Fix
    Added car button on landscape view
    Added support for physical media key button ( play, pause, stop, next, previous )
    Improve Random
    Option for Random Improve Abilitation/Disabilitation ( this feature maybe slow down the application open, if you notice, you can disable it)
    Option for Start on Play Screen ( not start on Home, but start on the last playlist you choose )
    Fix Youtube Random Issue

    2014-03-24 (only Background Media Player)
    Added option for repeating notification every N seconds
    Improve e Bug Fix

    if you like the application and make a small donation, send me the Device ID visible in the options menu and i update this application so you do not see more ads
    If you click on Ads (Banner) (and you support me) for the current day not showing more

    Market Link for Background Video Player
    Market Link for Background Media Player
    Market Link for Background Audio Player
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