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Thread: Introducton and Samsung Tab into a 206 Range Rover Sport

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadoguardian View Post
    Yea I've installed a lot of those rearview mirror monitors. I find those better than the in dash solutions since as you said, you only have to look in one spot.
    I realized that in the uk calling is enabled after I posted. Unfortunately in the us it's disabled which doesn't make sense because texting is enabled and we get an actual phone number for the tablet. Then I was thinking of using my google number as my main number but the issues with that is what if I'm in a dead zone and mms messages don't work.
    Heat is a major problem for me too. It's not even hot here where I'm at right now (50f) and my tab gets hot! I was hoping the tab 2 wouldn't be as bad since I have a problem with lag. My setup is temporary which consists of a cheap car mount that I got off eBay. I disassembled it and mounted it onto a bracket that i fabbed out of mdf board. I painted it with bed liner and attached it to my dash with industrial Velcro. It looks pretty good and is removable although I do need to spray another coat of paint. I'll snap a pick in a few days since I'm out of town cuz my wife just had surgery.
    I also found that the battery in the tablet drains faster than it can charge when I'm streaming music over Bluetooth and using navigation with the screen brightness on max. I'll have to see where the screen has to be to offset the discharge if that'll help. That reminds me, I need to get anti glare screen protectors when I get the tab 2.
    Your option number three is possible by doing what I did. You could paint yours silver to match you dash.

    Thanks for reminding me about iheart radio. I forgot about that one. I knew I forgot one and it was buggin me. Lol
    You may be able to use tasker to disable it. The option is keygaurd. I wasn't able to get it to work though. I only tried it when I was on gingerbread. Now that I'm on cm9 ics, I just disabled it full time since I don't have that issue with someone else touching it.

    hah just read how your going a different route now after a typed all of that. Lol oh well. I'll have to look into the mimics thing though.
    Looking forward to seeing some photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guyzer73 View Post
    Correct :thumbsup: , was at Samsung just now and here's the proof:


    looks same as mine i am gutted mine does not have sim slot

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    Coolcoupe, I couldn't agree more I don't underdstand why they don't offer both versions worldwide, even though I don't want one without SIM card, you can't get those in OMan, only with SIM....

    Shadoguardian, I think going to go step by step. Firstly, something along the lines of option 3 using the vehicle dock to power and get audio out (I tried using the S3 but it's just too small and far away), plus BT for phone and ODB2 stuff.

    Then if I like the functionality I'll consider either going down the MimicsX2 with the S3 or the more complicated physical install with the Tab. However, I'm tending towards using the S3 and mimics whilst not as "cool" as doing a full install with a Tab it should provide the similar functionality and completely uninstallable if I sell the car in the future...



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    ok guys, it's been a while since I've been on here, and I've made a little progress in the time available after moving house...

    So I've now decided after using the Tab for about a month that I want to install it, rather than using the MimicsX2 solution. The reason for this is I can "bring" the Tab closer to the driver than the OEM screen and even with the build costs, it'll be cheaper than the Mimics route as I don't need to purchase a GVIF unit, or Mimics units to make it work as I'll use a deconstructed desktop dock wired into power and Aux audio, with an inline amplifier possibly, plus the build costs...

    So the plan is quite simple to construct a “Console” including the deconstructed desktop dock and install
    The actual installation of the Tab is what is actually where I need to make a decision as I currently have 3 basic options:

    1. To slide the Tab in from the side (or top) of the Console.
    2. To use magnets to secure the Tab in the console.
    3. To have some sort of tray that is hinged and allows the Tab to be slid into it.

    I’ve decided on Option 3 as the tidiest and most OEM version. However, and then you’re talking linear actuators to make it look smart, or mechanical push to open/ push to close locks used in the likes of kitchen drawers etc… I’m also considering using a push to open/ lock catch in combination with one, or two, RC car suspension dampers acting as hydraulic linear dampers. What do you think??

    Below is a sketch I made of Option 1, however, it gives you the general idea of how it should look when finished, albeit with some changes, but, the overall profile should be roughly maintained.

    I also made a very crude mock-up out of cardboard of option 2 which you can see in the photos below. Lots of things wrong with it; including: it’s too big; it’s sitting on the console rather than being incorporated and the profile it too “square.” But at least it shows that it’s doable and shouldn’t if finished well look to out of place.

    Now I’m currently creating a “stencil” in 1:1 scale for my local AM garage to try their hand at forming 1mm aluminium sheet for the hinged housing of the Tab. If this is successful then the idea will be to manufacture the entire console from aluminium and finish it accordingly. I’ll make a paper card version as well to develop the design further whilst they try and make the real thing.

    To stop the tinny sound of a hollow metal enclosure the voids will be filled with heat resistant expanding foam and, or, sound deadening material.

    That’s all for now folks, hope you all have a Merry Christmas and festive season.



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    This could come out very nice. Look forward to updates.

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    Well after almost 9 months of doing nothing on the project I've finally made some progress and hopefully have the build completed by the end of September

    Basically, until very recently I was still planning to use the Tab 7.7, however, I've just found out I need BT v4.0 and the 7.7 only has v3.0. Therefore I'll be using the Note 8.0 I have instead for the final build.

    Basically, I've decided to keep it simple and install the Note in the same location as the OEM SatNav in the dash. The SatNAv will be removed and a pass through MOST connector used to maintain the loop and therefore the functionality.

    I've used a "patch" so that the Note boots up when it receives power through the USB, rather than just showing the battery icon so that's the boot up solved. You can find it at this link below:

    Currently I'm using the "Power Off" App to turn the device off, but hopefully will use Tasker linked to the "Delayed Shutdown" App in the future.

    I've used Desktop visualiser to create and OEM style GUI which I'm very happy with. However, I have a problem in that it takes an unreasonable amount of time for the Note to boot up including assigning the images to the buttons through DV. I've got my IT guy looking at it but any advise here how to resolve this would be appreciated

    You can find a video here of the boot up:

    Here's a quick picture of the GUI on the Tab 7.7, it will be the same on the Note, with a couple of adjustments:

    Name:  Mock Up.jpg
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Size:  61.3 KB

    Audio will be connected to the Aux out at the back of the OEM stereo as per the build done on the link below:

    Telephony will be over the existing OEM BT PTI system so that's easy as the Note has a sim card. This is a twin sim with my mobile so all I need to do is use an NFC tag for my Xperia and it will go into Airplane mode when getting into the car allowing the Note to boot using the installed sim card. The reverse will be done to reactivate the phone when the Note powers down.

    I think I've got most things covered, however, really need to resolve the slow boot up and image for the buttons. 1 minute 30 seconds is far too long for short journeys, I really need to get this down to about 30 seconds for it to be viable. One option would be to use Tasker to go to Airplane mode when the Note looses the power connection and turn the screen off and then reconnect when power is applied. This means the reboot when permanent power function would only be required when the car has stood for days and the Note runs out of battery completely, so I'll look into this.

    Look forward to your comments, feedback and recommendations.


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    Ok so over the last couple of days I've installed the Tab 7.7 to check everything works. I couldn't use the Note 8.0 as it doesn't fit between the AC vents so no BT v4.0 for the moment...

    Otherwise things seem to work ok.

    Things to solve in the permanent build are:

    1. Loss of sound using 3.5mm jack from dock station. I think this is to do with the dock connectors current position and will be resolved once permanently and securely mounted.
    2. Auto BT connect for the RRS - Again due to the issue above currently streaming audio to the Aux in via the Unisonic BT receiver. I think this is preventing the OEM BT to auto connect smoothly even using an "Auto connect BT" App. Once the hard wire issue is resolved then this should fix itself by removing the Autsonic BT profile form the Tab.
    3. Remove OEM SatNav and use pass through MOST connector. Ordered from Fubatec in Germany should be here in 3-5 days, so this is in hand.
    4. Permanent install using Tab 7.7 cover mounted to brackets with dock connector mounted to back to hold Tab 7.7 - will be done by the garage when in for service in a couple of weeks.
    5. Power connection to be finalise with 2 USB sockets (1x1A, 1x2A) in upper glove box. This will provide power to the Tab and the UNisonic BT A2DP receiver, allowing the Tab to be disconnected and linked up with a laptop of necessary. Will be done at the same time as item 4.
    6. DPDT switch for audio AUX IN. This will have two "ON" switches, 1 for the Tab, the other for the BT Receiver. THe off position will allow input from the AUX IN directly.
    7. Trim SatNav surround to suit final position. Same as 4 above as this can only be done with the Tab's final position.
    8. Also need to solve the screen off issue. The "Actions LIte" App doesn't allow for this so going to try "Wake Lock" App and see if that works...

    Here's a link to a YouTube video of it installed, sorry about the poor quality recorded it using the Note 8.0 set on the rear centre headrest...

    And here a couple of pictures of the installed product:

    Name:  DSC_0005.jpg
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Size:  233.7 KBName:  DSC_0006.jpg
Views: 1157
Size:  188.4 KBName:  normal_SAM_0235.JPG
Views: 1358
Size:  29.7 KBName:  normal_SAM_0242.JPG
Views: 974
Size:  21.4 KB

    As you can see the fit is quite good, and once the surround is cut and in place it should look very OEM.

    One other obvious thing to fix is that the screen for the Tab needs to be replaced as it's somewhat ...

    Anyway have a good weekend ALL, let me know what you think!!



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