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Thread: New, tips on tablet install to replace head unit in dash.

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    New, tips on tablet install to replace head unit in dash.

    Hi all!
    I'm new here so sorry if this is posted in the wrong area.

    I have some questions on installing a tablet to replace the head unit in the dash of my truck.
    I'm new to this and don't usually mess around with electronics/electrical work in my truck as I really don't know too much about it. However this doesn't seem too difficult of a task for me to tackle.

    My questions are what I need in order to do this. I'm aware I'll need an amp if I intend on replacing the head unit to make the tablet my stereo/nav/music storage.

    I'm leaning more towards making removable as I go to college for a majority of the year and do plan on taking my truck with me when I move off campus next fall semester and wouldn't want a reason for someone trying to take it for easy money and just to keep it out of the car when it's parked outside/garage for long periods of time.

    I own a 2001 Dodge Dakota 4x4 and my current stereo is aftermarket since my factory one died long ago when my parents owned it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your install should not be too difficult. If I understand you correctly, the basic set up would be:

    -Tablet replaces the headunit
    -Headphone jack of the tablet connects to amplifier
    -Power connector of tablet connects to cigarette lighter

    At the very least you will need: 1) Tablet, 2) Amplifier, 3) Miscellaneous cables (such as car charger for tablet, audio cables, audio splitter, power wire for amplifier, basic tools to install amplifier,).

    Another aspect of the install is making it "removable." If you want a professional look with hinges and a powered motor, then that will cost a lot. Some people have fabricated other solutions like this guy:

    The fabrication portion will vary depending on what you want. And so will the money.

    I didn't go into detail because I wanted your thoughts about these issues first.

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    The way I did it was i just molded a bracket for it to slide into on the radio trim and used a head unit with bluetooth behind it. Auto connects when I start my car and control the volume with an app that adds volume to the drop down menu. Everything else is done via tasker.

    I really wanted it behind the trim but im happy with this for now. I just didnt have enough room without having to trim with a dremmel. Plan is to upgrade a few model years newer on the console/dash which should give me a bit more room and make the radio trim removable with magnets, build something to tablet to rest on.

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    I actually put mine in like this, since the video I made a dock and a slot/sleeve for the tablet to slide into

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    I also have it posted here, in instructables, I will be posting a new video in a few days of my current progress
    here is my instructables

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