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Thread: how to add tablet and sirius radio together.

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    how to add tablet and sirius radio together.

    I am going to be installing an android tablet in my 2005 Passat.(build thread to come) I really like my Sirius radio but am trying to figure how i can get volume control and switch ability for the audio from the tablet and the Sirius radio controller. I know i could just download the app but then i would have to get a sim card and dont really want to go that route because data is to expensive in Canada.

    My tablet has 2 USB ports and will be running either ice cream or jelly bean. I will also have a usb hub connected.

    let me know what you guys have for ideas.

    So far i have thought getting a USB audio card and use the line in for the Sirius and tablet on the same channel and then audio out to the amp but then i still have no way to control the volume out put easily.

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