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Thread: Software vs Hardware EQ

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    Software vs Hardware EQ

    Hey everyone, I've been a long time lurker on this site but I've ran into a quandary on which EQ would be better and haven't found a good answer to my question.

    I currently have a RF OEQ2 mounted in my trunk that I have used for many years, but I recently installed a Nexus 7 tablet into my setup. Obviously, with the EQ mounted in the trunk making adjustments on the EQ is a real pain, where the software EQ is right at my fingerprints. Should I completely ditch my OEQ2 and just use the software EQ? Would using both degrade the SQ at all? (Thinking of using the OEQ2 for the main EQ and the software for minor adjustments)

    I'm running a pair of Hertz HSK165s powered by an old school Power Precision A404 (love this amp!!)


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    I use a Clarion 7 band EQ, but I also have EQ apps on my tablet via jetAUDIO's 30+ band EQ. I prefer the actual hardware version, but that's because it's right next to the tablet. If it was in the trunk like yours, I'd use the software.

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