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Thread: FM radio reception when using a Tablet?

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    FM radio reception when using a Tablet?

    What are you all doing to get FM radio reception? I know you can stream radio via the internet, but that eats away at my limited data plan. What all have you figured out?

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    An FM dongle, else a receiver.

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    They exist for Android tablets? If using for USB OTG then you probably cannot charge your tablet AND listen to the FM radio dongle.
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    timur's usb rom (or at least his kernel) is what you'd need along with SDR touch and or the mythical unreleased android app for controlling an HD radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSpark View Post
    An FM dongle, else a receiver.
    This will work. But if you don't want to use your tablet, there are many gadgets to consider. At this moment, I have a gadget that can play mp3 through usb or sd card and at the same time has fm radio. quite convenient.

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