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Thread: How to awaken/turn on Nexus 7 without using the power button?

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    Quote Originally Posted by treetop777 View Post
    Indeed OP from power-off there is nothing that will power-on the tablet except the actual power button. Tasker will only turn a screen back on NOT power-on the tablet. I'm in the planing stage of a tablet install and I'm debating whether to fab the tab into the dash in a way that i can remove it or hack the power button to extend it to an external button.

    Won't start install till summer but in the mean time I'll be keeping an eye on this tread.
    ^NOT TRUE^

    As was stated previously in this thread

    I found a possible solution... You can change the bios settings to turn the tablet on whenever it sees power. I'll try it out sometime this week and report back.

    EDIT: This worked perfectly. Unlock your bootloader and type "fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0". Now, even if the tablet is completely turned off, when you apply power it automatically boots to the home screen. No power button needed ever again.
    I have also used this solution to automatically turn on my nexus 7 once the tablet receives power.

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    You can look for custom roms and kernels that incorporate knock2awake or swipe2awake

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    you can check ebay, I have found 30000 mah batteries with usb in and usb out, one side you plug in a charger , other side you plug in the tablet, then you can configure tasker to turn on the screen/gps/wifi etc etc when your phone is detected through bluetooth

    ebay object nr: 121209336215
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