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Thread: Power requirements and bluetooth autoconnect

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    Power requirements and bluetooth autoconnect

    So the crime around here has gotten bad enough that I'm finally going to start locking my car doors.

    For me, however, that's a serious inconvenience. Call me spoiled. I'm wondering if I could do some sort of "always on" tablet that lived in the car and controlled the locks based on proximity to my cell phone- e.g. bluetooth.

    Pondering this, the first few questions are:
    1) What kind of power draw does a tablet need to remain on?
    Obviously I'd be looking at installing some sort of extra battery system to run the thing while the car is off, but I honestly have no idea what a tablet draws, so I cant even begin to estimate usage.

    2) how good is bluetooth about auto linking when in range? I know it works well if one device is turned on while in range, but in this case both would be "always on".

    Assuming the power demands are low enough and the BT linking reliable enough, I might have a solution.

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    Subject to being overridden by those with far more gadget expertise than I, but IMO a tablet would consume way to much (eg 10W) tho it depends on how long you want between engine starts (and sufficient runs to recharge your batteries).

    I'd suggest looking at alarm or remote door systems that are designed with automotive systems in mind.
    If not here, then (eg, see here) should have advice (search first - ie, google etc). the12volt has many talented & experienced installers that should be able to suggest reliable & suitable solutions.

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    I also think a tablet would use too much power to be able to last a day or two without driving the car, as well as relying on the phone and tablet to pair, which I would guess is a bit hit or miss. Just get a "Passive Keyless Entry" system. Why complicate things when there's already something available? You'll also get keyless push button start as well. I will be getting one for mine eventually.

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