Hi all,

I have a 7" android tablet installed in the dash of my '06 Mustang GT that replaces my 2-din Shaker 500 stereo perfectly . I have had it installed now for about 6 months and it does everything I want it to do functionality wise (GPS, MP3 playback, OBD monitoring via Torque-app, etc). But I have some concerns about the tablet battery now that it's spring. I live in Las Vegas and triple digit temperatures are on the way in a few months.

My worries are about how the li-ion battery in the tablet will stand up high temperatures of a car interior. Recently, I took a trip to LA and left my car in a parking lot for three days. I powered the tablet completely off to make sure I would not run the battery down while I was gone; I usually just have tasker put the tablet to sleep when I drive to work and leave the car at my work parking lot during the day.

When I got back after three days and powered the tablet on, the battery had about 15% charge and then quickly dropped to 0 and tablet powered off. I wonder if the high temperatures in the car interior during the three days might have caused this.

Another worry is about high temps in the interior (I have read that enclosed car interior temps here can get up to 160 degrees F or more) possibly causing the battery to over heat and possibly catch on fire.

Has anyone with a tablet install that lives in a hot area like Vegas or Phoenix had any experience with how their tablet battery deals with the summer heat?