I'm installing my Nexus 7 into my 06 Yukon. I current have an Avic X940BT, I'm looking to use a single DIN Pioneer digital media head unit to accomplish several goals
  1. Retain the Aftermarket radio to Bose interface.
  2. Retain the Steering wheel controls without having to purchase any additional adapters
  3. Avoid using line level input to the Bose interface***

    *** Known wonky issues with aftermarket line level bose input issues (I smashed my Axxess GMOS-04 with a hammer I was so frustrated with it) Now using the PAC OS-2Bose

Based off this, I have a few questions. Should I try just using the stereo jack output from the nexus to the Digital media Receiver? or try to track down a head-unit with RCA aux-Input and use a USB DAC controller for the tablet? Will a Digital media headunit like the MVH-560BT process aux-in minijack stereo input through the DAC in the headunit?