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Thread: Another Nexus 7 power question.

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    Another Nexus 7 power question.

    As i'm close to actually fitting my n7 into my car i have found a new issue that i am having.

    So i'm on the hunt for some help again, I can't get the tablet to go into sleep mode on power loss i have checked the firm sleep option in the USB HOST menu but what else do i need to do?

    If i open the power event manager app and hit sleep now it works the then does nothing when i reconnect the power.

    I don't know if it makes a difference but i'm not using a otg cable (still waiting for it to arrive).

    Any and all help greatly appreciated as always.
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    I've managed to answer this one my self. I made a otg cable to use until my proper one arrives and hey presto usb host is active and powers on and off as it should.

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