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Thread: Saab shows off Android-based IQon in-car infotainment system

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    Really cool. Some might wonder just how many gadgets a driver needs at his or her finger tips while traveling down the highway. But it seems the automobile's steady progression to the computer age is continuing unabated. This days it might seem to some our vehicles are more and more becoming computers on wheels. Rydeen, a California-based company known for its on-board automotive navigation systems, has unveiled a new technology for Android integration into automobiles and says it is very close to launching its double-DIN stereo head unit to run Android 2.2 in your car, along with all the apps you may care to download. The stereo head unit partners with a touch-screen, which at this time is built directly into the rear-view mirror. The system relies on a touch-screen interface built right into the rear-view mirror. While safety problems remain unresolved, the business claims we might see the technology in brand new vehicles by 2013. Just read this article I've read Android integration in your rear-view mirror. Thanks

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    lol, saab is dieing.. so this project can't be far behind-- unless spyder auto has some plans for it, but then it is out of my price range..

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