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Thread: EVO Car Panel in Land Rover DII

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    EVO Car Panel in Land Rover DII

    The Evo works pretty good with the Car Panel interface, direct link to music, navigation, and you can add your own custom links. I added Torque, so that displays most of the time. There are also various TV Show apps, and mp4 movies(for those in the passenger and/or back seat).

    For cost and basic installation...
    +cheapo tape adapter
    +usb extension
    +headphone extension
    +half of EVO case (2 small screws through panel)
    +ELM Bluetooth Adapter
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    To each his own I have the HTC evo as well (sprint). Android is ****ing slow IMO. I'm just waiting for the iphone to come over.

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    Android slow? LOL

    Ive got a rooted DX running the latest GB and over clocked at 1.35Ghz and it is anything but slow.

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