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Thread: Android Ultimate In-Car OEM System - Remote Bluetooth Touch, HDMI Mirroring

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    Thank you for the information. Here is the link and summary.

    ORS can accept Fair Trading complaints over the phone or by other informal means
    depending on the nature or severity of the complaint.
    ORS can only formally provide assistance or intervention on fair trading complaints after
    receiving a formal written authority to act on a consumer’s behalf after the consumer has
    attempted to resolve the issues by themselves.
    ORS can assist consumers with fair trading complaints in many ways. First and foremost
    through empowering consumers and advising them of their rights under law. ORS can refer
    you to publications outlining your statutory rights and means to approach consumer based
    matters in writing or via the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal. ORS staff can also act
    on your behalf as a mediator if negotiations with traders break down.
    Some of the common fair trading complaints relate to:
    1. Warranties, Refunds, misleading and deceptive conduct by traders, service
    providers or agents.
    2. Bait advertising.
    3. Misleading conduct in relation to employment services.
    4. False representation in relation to land sales.
    5. Failure to supply goods after receiving payment.
    6. Pyramid selling schemes.
    7. Product safety.
    For a Fair Trading complaint please use the following means of contact:
    Telephone: (02) 6207 3000
    [email protected]
    Write to us at:
    Fair Trading
    Office of Regulatory Services
    PO Box 158
    Canberra ACT 2601
    Or visit us at:
    Level 3 Callam Offices
    Easty Street (off Launceston Street) Phillip

    Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) Customer and Client Service Policy

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    complaint filed

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    Uf! Right about halfway through the thread I was ready to place my order...I'm glad I decided to read all the posts... shame because the idea is brilliant, the execution leaves much to be desired.

    Thank you to all the ones who have participated here. Sorry that most of you got scammed


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    Curiously, I received my refund at 10:30am yesterday morning (AEST), approx 10 hours after my last post. I wish those still waiting the best of luck for a speedy resolution.

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    Congrats. I just got my paperwork from the ORS. Very quick response

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    It is funny how it takes a complaint to the authorities to get this taken care of. Even if the guy was being legit about his reasons he should have communicated the reasons and refunded money if he couldn't supply them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redheadedrod View Post
    It is funny how it takes a complaint to the authorities to get this taken care of. Even if the guy was being legit about his reasons he should have communicated the reasons and refunded money if he couldn't supply them.
    I think they just need regular followup and reminders. I've been following up with emails on this pretty regularly. Mine got shipped and is in LAX pending delivery. Probably will get it tomorrow or the day after.

    Since some other member asked me about my order, I guess I'll just post the story here.

    1/9/2012 - I contact CustomGadz asking if the unit is compatible with the Droid 3
    1/9/2012 - I receive a response that the unit is compatible. I respond and ask if they provide bundled packages with screen.
    1/9/2012 - CustomGadz responds that they don't provide bundles anymore.
    1/13/2012 - I respond and ask if the lilliput 7 inch open frame screen is compatible.
    1/13/2012 - Custom responds that I'll also need additional items to output audio.
    1/13/2012 - Custom then sends another email recommending a popular screen. I decide to purchase the screen.
    1/13/2012 - I ask more questions about the Droid 3 HDMI output and compatibility with the mimics unit.
    1/15/2012 - Custom responds confirming compatibility
    1/25/2012 - I contact them asking about when they plan to ship and also note that the screen they recommended came in and tests out well.
    1/26/2012 - I ordered the Mimics as a pre-order on January 26, 2012. I was order #38. The expected shipment at the time was end of January 2012.
    1/26/2012 - 3 additional emails are exchanged and I decide to purchase the unit.(I'm getting bored typing this all out...)
    2/7/2012 - I received a notice that my Mimics was shipped. Website and forums stated the product wasn't ready yet.
    4/8/2012 - I suddenly remember my order and follow up.(I order a lot of stuff)
    4/22/2012 - I receive an email from Dave that my unit has been successfully tested. He provides a tracking number.
    4/30/2012 - I receive a the unit.
    4/30/2012 - I send and email noting that my his touchscreen input isn't compatible with a screen he recommended me. I have a .5mm ribbon with 4 pins. There the touchscreen ribbon is different from the unit he sent. I also ask about a manual as I have no idea where to start.
    5/1/2012 - Custom apologizes states he will send me another.
    5/3/2012 - I thank him and ask him to notify me when he send out the adapter.
    5/17/2012 - I read on the forums that version 1.4 is faulty. Dave states he will send out replacements to all the intial orders. I contact dave asking him to ship the revised v1.5 with the .5mm pitch adapter
    5/22/2012 - Dave responds noting an overwhelming number of orders. He provides me with a tracking number and notes that he has included the .5mm adapter with the v1.5 module.
    5/30/2012 - I receive the unit but it sits aside as I need time to design and build it into my car.
    8/30/2012 - CustomGadz announces a new revised version
    10/16/2012 - I finally finish my build. I post my review on this thread. I note that I experience lag between as the two systems interface together. Post#328
    10/17/2012 - CustomGadz responds on the forum to replace it with the new mimicsx2 model. I respond and of course gladly accept. (I mean who wouldn't?) He notes in PM that the new unit is much better and shouldn't lag. I provide my email for contact.
    10/17/2012 - Custom emails me noting that they will let me know when they ship it in 2 weeks. 2 more emails same day with me thanking Dave and noting I will follow up in 2 weeks and Dave thanking me for my patience.
    10/25/2012 - I send Dave an email asking about the Switcher which allows the use of two systems interfacing with the touchscreen. I note I want to run both the MimicsX2 with Android and also a windows8 system. I ask what the additional cost is for the switcher.
    10/25/2012 - Dave responds saying they dont' have a switcher for my cable size but they'll see if they can send me an adapter to make it work.
    10/25/2012 - I refresh his memory on what screen I am using.
    10/26/2012 - Dave responds stating that it might be easier to change the board but he'll keep me posted in a week.
    11/15/2012 - I follow up asking for a status.
    11/16/2012 - Dave responds reconfirming the parts needed and that I am running a dual system which requires a switcher.
    11/16/2012 - I respond and confirm.
    11/19/2012 - Dave responds noting that they're looking to ship asap. I respond thanking them and note I'll look forward to an update.
    1/7/2013 - I notice a lot more rage on this thread(which I'm subscribed to...) and decide its time to follow up asking for a status.
    2/17/2013 - Dave responds apologizing for the delay and notes he'll send it soon. I respond with another email thanking him.
    2/18/2013 - Dave sends me the manual and notes that the lag should be gone.
    2/18/2013 - I respond noting the improvement in the manual (it really is big improvement).
    3/10/2013 - I send an email asking if they've shipped it yet since I haven't seen it.
    4/3/2013 - I send another email asking what the shipment status is.
    4/3/2013 - Dave apologizes and reconfirms the order.
    4/3/2013 - I promptly reconfirm.
    4/3/2013 - Dave notes he will ship it soon
    4/9/2013 - Dave send me an email notes he is searching for the special ribbon cable required for my screen. He states he hopes to send it out by end of day.
    4/9/2013 - I respond stating that I'm looking forward to the shipment.
    4/27/2013 - Dave sends an email apologizing for the delay. Notes he has been in china and just got back.
    4/28/2013 - I respond saying "Alright, looking forward to it"
    4/28/2013 - Dave responds thanking me for my patience and notes he'll send the tracking info soon.
    4/30/2013 - Dave emails me stating the unit is packed and he aims to ship it the next morning.
    5/1/2013 - I receive a tracking number.
    5/1/2013 - I thank him and note my excitement for the fact its shipped!!
    5/1/2013 - Dave responds noting it should work much better than the last unit.

    And so here I am waiting for the unit. Damn.. that was a lot of typing. So yes, the estimated time to ship may take a good while. The emails may take time to get responded to but follow up appears to work out well and honestly I can't complain. They're sending me a 3rd unit. The customer service is decent when its there. I'll post more when the unit comes in. Video demo of course.

    So if you haven't received your order and still want it... send them a follow up email. Being friendly seems to work out well Good luck!

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    With all due respect, trying to make the complete cluster this seller has made one ounce of mine or any other buyers fault is laughable.

    Are you Dave's brother? You think just a little reminder is needed to get my unit or refund? REally? The dude has had my money for 5+ months. Held my refund 5+ weeks and it's MY fault? Am I running a website the is clearly advertising lies? No updates since February and all products are listed as "Available"? Really>

    I was fine with everything until the seller stopped responding to email and then at my first cancellation request he said mine was in the next batch going out Monday? Did it go out Monday? NO. Like Dr. I received my first response in weeks saying I would get my refund Monday (2 days ago) and guess what? I haven't gotten it!

    That's great you don't mind being jerked around and treated like crap. Yeah Dave seems like a good guy. A good guy who can't run a business and knows zero about customer service. Never Never Never mislead a customer. It's not that hard. I sell electronics online and I haven't had a single problem because I keep my customers in the loop. It's amazing, I can tell them something has been delayed or I want to do more testing before shipping and has a single person gotten mad? Not a single one. They tell me they appreciate the update and it's no problem at all.

    It's not that hard. But I appreciate someone making this my fault.

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    Here is some more on the agency I'm dealing with to resolve this.

    I think the seller has clearly violated several items stated.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Nope, never said its your fault. Its definitely his fault you've wait 5 months and an additional 5 weeks. All I did was just documented how long it took me and how many reminders it took. If you don't like me sharing my experience then don't read it. If you already did then too bad I wasted your time.

    If you could get your refund with a couple more emails wouldn't you do it? Just my two cents. If you don't like it, oh well. On a positive note, good luck with your case/refund.

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