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Thread: android tv box car pc project

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    android tv box car pc project

    Hey guys and gals

    I have no programming experience at all, but have one of these android tv boxes, im looking at using it as a car pc, i currently have a pc in the car running windows 7 which works fine but the tv box is much smaller. Now the problem i have is that since its a tv box it doesnt have any drivers for gps, bluetooth and touchscreens built in. Theres a link to a rom in the thread ive posted above to the firmware update is there anyway someone could add the drivers needed? The drivers needed are available for linux so i dont know if they would work or could be adapted for android?
    and a bluetooth driver of some form.

    Any help would be great on this


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    Some of the new android TV boxes I have seen on ebay do have bluetooth built in and will connect to a SATA hard drive in a compartment inside the box. Check out this video it shows the box
    here is a video on youtube on how to use a bluetooth GPS receiver with android 2.3.1. I have also seen 7 in screens with HDMI inputs on ebay. They don't have touch screens but you could use a track ball in the USB port on the box to operate the screen. The earphone jack out to an amp and your good to go. The screens and TV boxes all run on 12v. And a high definition screen not a crappy low res monitor. With all the android apps out there this could be way cool.


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