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Thread: Big Launcher Car Setup

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    Big Launcher Car Setup

    I'm using Big Launcher on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 as my Frontend with some customizing it works great. There is no way to share setups yet but here are some screenshots of my setups along with the other app I am using. I've emailed Devoleper about added more custom icons for some of the ones I don't have set yet. If you have any suggestions let me know. I'm looking for a better Volume Widget one that matches the Holo Look.

    Requried Apps:
    Big Launcher
    Tablet Talk
    Eye in the Sky
    Volume Widget
    Car Widget
    Screen Brightness

    1) Home Screen: Bottom Left is Eye in the Sky, Phone and Messages works with Tablet Talk to link your tablet to your phone for calls and texts. Music opens up Music Page with controls and Music Apps. Navigation opens Copilot. Green Arrow opens page with links to other pages.

    Name:  Screenshot_2013-04-20-22-26-33.png
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    2) Links to other pages: Blue is a page of Toggles, Person is a page of Contacts, 4 Squares opens Menu, Home takes you to Home Page.

    Name:  Screenshot_2013-04-20-22-26-58.png
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    3) Music Page: Black icons are music controls, Red opens Volumes Popup, Coffee Cup is Beyond Pod, Heart is iHeartRadio, Music icon opens Google Music.

    Name:  Screenshot_2013-04-20-22-26-51.png
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    4) Toggles: Wifi and Bluetooth are build in Toggles, Sun opens Screen Brightness popup, Red Opens Volume Popup, Tools open Android Settings App.

    Name:  Screenshot_2013-04-20-22-27-08.png
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    5) Screen Brightness Popup: Set to close after 5 Sections are you can hit back button.

    Name:  Screenshot_2013-04-20-22-27-13.png
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    6) Volume Widget Popup: Clicking off this one closes it.

    Name:  Screenshot_2013-04-20-22-27-19.png
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    Over 100 views and no comments anyone else using Big Launcher or have a better idea of something I'm doing?

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    Lots of launchers exist like this. My personal recommendation is Car dock Home v3. This app basically gives you a fresh couple set of screens on which you can add shortcuts, apps, and widgets. Car home Ultra is also a very good one.

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