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Thread: Smartphone screen to tablet or LCD screen

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    Smartphone screen to tablet or LCD screen

    Hey guys sorry if this has been asked before I searched and couldn't find the answer I was looking for so after lurking for a long time I figured I would register on the forum and ask. Is there a way to project my smartphone screen (HTC Evo 4G LTE) to a tablet screen (Samsung Galaxy Tab or similar) or if not on the tablet to an LCD? Basically I am looking at running a tablet in my dash but dont want to worry with tethering or any of that stuff I have unlimited Data and I am already using my phone all the time it would just be nice to have the bigger display. I would have no problem controlling everything from the phone as long as I could have the tablet or even an LCD screen for the actual display. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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    There should be a HDMI adapter for the Evo. With this you can connect it to an LCD. If your LCD doesn't have HDMI, there is an adapter HDMI -> DVI

    If you prefer the phone -> tablet version try tablet remote from the play store. Normally this is for remoting a tablet with the phone, but it should work the other way also!

    Hope this helps.

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