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Thread: Building an Android frontend

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbogdan View Post
    Wouldn't it be so awesome if android would let you embed external activities (Apps) in your own? That way you could just build the UI with hardware car controls and maybe music player and settings and in a "canvans" in the center of the screen you'd have external apps running (like waze).
    Sad that it's not possible.
    I am struggling with exactly that issue. I am new to android and have my own simple apk up for a new Nexus 7 2013 which is a launcher for several standalone apps (e.g. Waze, SDR Touch and Torque Pro). I really want to be able to have either running in the background - in other words playing FM music or tracking performance data - while using Nav (courtesy of Waze). Has anyone figured out how to get this done? So far, it seems like I have to stay single threaded or rewrite each of these as a service, which is a ton more code than I was planning.

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    I have a installation problem in my Asus Fonepad and in my Cubieboard and Minix X7; the system ahowm me this message:
    Error in the package.

    I have build different skin many times ago, if you want we can work together.

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    Thanks for the input.

    I know it's been a while since I've posted any updates, I've given up on the tablet, it just has too many problems. I have ordered a UDOO and am waiting for it to ship. Once I have that, I plan on diving back into the code.
    If anybody is wanting to contribute code, the best thing is to use my Github and fork the project, make your changes and then submit a pull request

    If you make some nice changes, I'd be happy to review them and add them into the main source.

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