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Thread: New frontend - Digital Car for Android DOWNLOAD

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    I gave Digital Car a whirl this weekend on my 2012 Nexus 7 (Android 4.2.2, Timur's Kernel) as I was going on a 2hr long trip. I ended up turning it off for the return trip because I noted a few issues.

    The first problem was that when I'd turn the car off Pandora would stop automatically as I expected but it wouldn't resume when turning the car back on. This happened every time I made a stop. Is Digital Car somehow grabbing the intents that Pandora would be listening for and then not allowing them to reach Pandora?

    The second problem that I experienced is increased battery consumption when the car was off. It was off for ~7-8 hours in which I'd typically expect 0-3% battery consumption, instead the battery was down to 53% from a full charge. Digital Car was listed as the #1 for consumption and it listed GPS as being active for an extended period of time.
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    I'm going to start replying here, directly, or PM if you would prefer rather than at the Google+ group it's a mess there and hard to follow.
    I've had to discontinue use of the app due to large increase in battery usage. I have to reboot my phone to reliably stop the extra usage of my battery and the increase always follows the use of Digital Car, if I reboot my phone and do not launch Digital Car my battery usage is as I expect for the day.
    I haven't tested the compass yet but I do like the ability to disable and replace the built-in player with something else.
    Also the setting screen is now a bit cramped and the text for screen settings are getting pushed behind the options below.

    Thank you,
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    No, it doesn't have GPS :/ I would've imagined that GPS was only necessary for the MPH functionality. I'd still like it for the digital media portion.

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    Registered as a tester but cant get new version. Getting 404. Error. Wanted to get the updated version.


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    Same here :-(
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    Wow - good work. I was working on something similar well not this far along but was trying to figure it all out. My goal was the following:

    1. Menu interface that followed my dynamic menu skin nGen I did in RoadRunner
    2. Media bar similar to yours but would do the following
    a. Keep track of audio source (last app used and open it when started again)
    b. Would float at the top or bottom in apps outside of parent app (can be turned on or off and set per menu item)
    c. Had transparency level that could be set per app (again set per app - helpful for nav etc.)
    d. Display media tag information of app if available
    3. Have the option to open app in background keeping Menu screen visible.
    4. Ability to put widget in media area (center) ex. Music Visualizer, calendar, clock, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by BADMOPAR View Post
    Same here :-(
    log in via computer, and as long as ur a tester click install from playstore. then ur phone will update.

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    Digital Car with my backup camera.

    Watch "Easycap Reverse Cam Android" on YouTube
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    Finally took the dive and installed it onto my galaxy tab 3 7'.
    I like the customizable colors also the DC logo is small enough when I am inside another app.
    Music works like a charm, just missing an equalizer option perhaps

    I do however have a few things I would love to see.
    First, I see that when my tab is in sleepmode (screen off etc) Dc keeps looking for a gps fix , therefore draining the battery.
    Since Digital Car is power aware it should be possible to make DC stop asking for a gps fix when running on battery.
    I did do a workaround with tasker, letting tasker kill gps when power is off, so for me its not an issue right now.
    Another thing I noticed is that the media buttons (play/pause, next/prev) don't respond to touch quite as well as supposed to. (sometimes have to press multiple times)
    a similar thing happens with the day/night button, sometimes no response and sometimes responds twice to a single touch.
    The day/night mode could be toggled by the lightsensor, you know automated is aaaalways better

    And I want a kia logo!

    But overall this app is great! I am enjoying it very much.
    I say keep it up!
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    Hi peeps,

    Sorry for the lack of replies, been very busy with DC, coding in improvements (hopefully). I'll look into the battery drain as this is obviously not good, I always run mine on power so wouldn't have noticed this. I've changed a lot of code lately so hopefully may of sorted afew bugs out along the way.

    Let me have a look at this power issue to see if I can do anything about it before the next release tonight.



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