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Thread: Thinking about a project with Android.

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    Thinking about a project with Android.

    Hello Guys,

    I'm with a project in mind, using android.

    Galaxy Tab 8.4 PRO

    P2 -> RCA or Mini DAC USB (I do not know if I can use that ...)

    My problem is remote controller.

    Today I use a Pioneer DVD, love the comoditate using the remote control to switch songs and increase volume, my question, how to solve it using the android, does anyone know?

    I Realy Need a small controler, bluetooth or usb....

    Anyone have ideias for my problem?

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    take a look at this site

    I have the joyconEXR. which connects to the steering wheel controls ,and connects via usb to my nexus 7 tablet.
    They have a few different models , check them out, see which one fits your needs

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