We worked on this project for months and since we're almost ready to launch the first beta on the PlayStore I think that it's time to share some info around the web and not only on our community.
ACUI is a set of four apps: ACUI Key&Touch, ACUI Touch (and ACUI Touch with material) and ACUI Base (which include three different themes), designed to best improve your Android experience in your car.

ACUI Material Video
ACUI Touch Video
ACUI Base Video

Together with these UI app we will release also two very simple and easy apps that will allow you to share your GPS connection from your phone to another android device.

But ACUI is not just software. We will open a preorder sale on IndieGoGo for a couple of piece of hardware we're working on:
- a bluetooth HID controller for standard 4-Wire resistive touchscreen (price around 80$)
- a custom controller (price around 50$)
Every single $ for both the IndieGoGo campaign and the PlayStore sales will be used to produce and keep as low as possible the price of these two product, as we previously said on our Google+ Community we really want to provide you the best experience for the lowest price (if possible).

Here's the links to our site and to our Google+ Community


We have a list for people who are interested in a full list of feature available now for the first release of ACUI. Note that our A2DP feature will be available as soon as possible (the base code is almost ready).

- Full AppDrawer

- Six shortcut for third party app in the main screen (this feature is not available in ACUI Key&Touch)

- Send eMail
- Send SMS
- Read Inbox SMS
- Read Sent SMS
- Make a Call
- Check last outgoing call
- Check last received call
- Check last missed call
- Internet browser (will open an external app**)

- Music player
- Control and get info from GooglePlayMusic
- Play Video (will open an external app**)
- Image Gallery (will open an external app**)

- Navigation (will open an external app)
- Sygic, Waze, GoogleMaps, TomTom integration
- 5 Day weather info

- Lap timer
- 0-100Km/h (0-60MPH)

- Toggle Bluetooth
- Get list of paired devices (In the future releases you will be able to search for new devices, connect to device, disconnect to device and everything you are able to do with the standard bluetooth settings)

- Toggle Wi-Fi
- Open Android Wi-Fi Settings

- Backlight Settings (Max, Min, -/+)

** This feature will open an external app but we will develop and internal solution in the future releases