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Thread: MimicsX2 Alternatives

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    MimicsX2 Alternatives

    There we go:

    Let me start saying this: You will need to use an OTG cable with all the 3 options below, none of them offers Bluetooth.

    A) Also they all work well with Android boxes and Android sticks, like :

    B) Some Android boxes comes with GPS and some don’t; most Android sticks does not come with GPS, but you can get a Bluetooth GPS for android: something like this:

    C) On all 3 units that I tested the” TOUCH” works very well with the Android boxes and Android sticks: With phones and tablets you will need some patient and time to calibrate the “touch screen” to work

    Here are the Alternatives

    1) ADAFRUIT.COM (Very good site with Arduino Boards)

    Resistive Touch Screen to USB Mouse Controller – AR1100 $9.95 plus shipping

    2) (name says all)

    Universal Touch Screen Controller (UTC) $45.00 plus shipping (fast shipping)


    I found this video on youtube…. Google it the unit and found on (not .com) ebay from Netherlands I believe…
    I contact “Alex” thru the ebay ask a question… the whole deal was completed over paypal only (couldn’t make payment thru ebay)
    Transaction went smooth, Alex was very helpful answering questions for about 2 weeks or so, he even email me a apk calibration app.

    I hope this info is helpful for some of you guys…


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    very good, finally ends the teasing of Dave and customGadz

    great addpinto

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    Thank you for the information.

    Now if there was a USB to Bluetooth adapter or if someone could make one, these could be great options for phones.
    That's right, you just got passed by a computerized toaster...

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