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Thread: Super Rep Points - Get Store Credit for Being Awesome!

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    Super Rep Points - Get Store Credit for Being Awesome!

    I'd like to introduce you all to the Super Rep Points program. The goal of this program is to reward forum members for being awesome and helpful. Our moderators are now given "super" rep points to hand out to any non moderator who is showing extraordinary community involvement. When you get super rep points, you get an email with a special code that gives you money to use on the mp3car store. That means if you do a great job here, you get store credit. 10 points = $1. You can get points for things like

    • Community member goes above and beyond - Helped a newbie, wasn't rude gave them lots of good starter tips.
    • Community member goes above and beyond - Helped a user do a bunch of troubleshooting
    • Awesome work log, with links and how to photos
    • Awesome free software product released.
    • Community member suggests an awesome idea for a contest/project blog post
    • Community member finds a new product that everyone has been looking for for years.
    • Any time of extraordinary community contribution
    • Someone in need of an innovation grant
    • Community member settles a flame war without moderator intervention

    So keep helping, keep innovating, and stay involved!

    For all the info on the program see this thread
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