All -

We have implemented user Image hosting for members of this site.

The limitations are as follows:

Each image cannot be larger than 10000k (which sould be plenty big) nor can it be larger than 1024 x 768 pixels.

Each user can upload 100 images. If it's determined that we need a higher limit, well take another look. Each user can upload 10 images at a time.

To get to this feature go to the UserCP drop down and click on "Upload and Image":

From here, you will be taken to a page like the image below:

From this point, it's pretty self explanitory.

Some other features you may have noticed floating around:

  • In your profile (UserCP) you will now notice a filmstrip down at the bottom that shows your 3 most recent uploaded images.
  • Underneath your post count, you will find "My Photos (#)". Click on this number for yourself or someone else and you will be taken to the users hosted images.
  • When you are in the "Quick Reply" box click on "Go Advanced", or when you are starting a new thread, below the smilies, you will find a new box called "My Photos". Within this box you be able to either pick one of your previously uploaded images or use the quick upload feature.
  • Under the "Member Menu" drop down in the Nav bar, you will find a "Member Images" link where you can see a listing of all of the users who have uploaded images. Click on a users name and you will be taken to their image gallery.