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Thread: Front End App for iPad

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    I've written a front-end for my iPhone, been using it in my car for months but stopped development on it when I ran into limits in Apple's SDK. I've now given up on the iPhone and moving to Android. Some features that I couldn't implement on the iPhone that you may be able to implement by petitioning Apple to add to their SDK.
    - Poll when the screen is locked (so you can send an sms alert when the car has been running but the screen hasn't been unlocked)
    - Turn the screen off (I filled the screen black and had to set auto-lock)
    - Proper music visualizations (think milkdrop for winamp, apple specifically block you from getting the waveform of music, or even getting it from the mic while music is playing)

    Features I did implement, sounds like you're implementing some of these anyway
    - Auto-play music when car started (ie. usb charging)
    - gestures for next song, prev song, play, pause etc.
    - while car running, record gps location and speed
    - when car stopped, e-mail recorded track
    - when car stopped, pause music and blank screen
    - auto-record of 0-60/0-100 times
    - customizable UI
    - random slideshow of pictures (never got round to getting this working)

    Keen to see screenshots of your app, if it runs on iphone, I may buy it until I go Android. I also like the sound of Speech Recognition (thought about including that but was way above my limited ability)

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    Thanks @badmonkey23. Maybe you and I could chat so that I can get the app tuned just right with some of the features you say you've already implemented.

    BTW, I did get approved to use the Voice Recognition code in the app, but it requires internet in order for it to work, as it sends your audio to a server that transcribes and sends back, and on top of that, it has a fee for each use (they refer to as transaction). I don't think I will end up using their service for right now, as it does have an initial cost and other things that I'm not financially able to afford right now.

    Also, I have been out this week with a bad back pain, and this is the first I've been back on my computer since Sunday (it felt so weird without a computer). I am waiting for my graphics guy to finalize his mockup, so when he gets those to me, I will post them here.

    I was wondering if I could take a poll on what orientation people are considering. I plan to make it work in all orientations, but for the initial testing phase I'm planning on one orientation.

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    Definately landscape for me

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    Portrait for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
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    Both for me!

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    definitely portrait for me

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    Landscape for sure

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    Screenshots! Screenshots!

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    Alright... its been long enough. I've been working hard on the screenshots myself as my designer has been very busy with his own work. I feel that I like this and will be sticking to the design I have set in my head. The screen shot I will be showing you is only the music one so far, and will hopefully have some of the other screen finished soon.

    Let me know what you think.

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