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Thread: CarTrip Wireless OBD for iPad - New App sneak peek at CES

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    CarTrip Wireless OBD for iPad - New App sneak peek at CES

    Announced at CES, Compatibility says it works with iPad.

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    I wonder if it's a specialized interface (Most likely) which only works with their app on the ipad/iphone. Unless they beat the kiwi's price point, the kiwi offers many more features in the form of having a standardized interface.
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    Well, it's official - if Griffin made it, then bluetooth OBD readers are commodity items.

    Next stop - Walmart!

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    $89 is a pretty good price and I like that it is Bluetooth. That means you can still run MyWi and have your iPad be the wireless router.

    I wonder though, if it works with any software besides their own. I seriously doubt if it is ELM compatible.

    Only way to find out is for mp3car to get Griffin to loan one for me to do a review on! C'mon Fiberoptic -where's the love?!
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