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Thread: ICE Tunes

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    Quote Originally Posted by RipplingHurst View Post
    Scenario: you load one of your playlists X. Then you get to a song where you want more like it, say, from the same artist, or album (great for compilations, specially electronic music). It would be nice to click on a big button (or a gesture) that would be: more from the same (artist, album, genre, year, composer). I'd rather have buttons like these than only a giant 9" album art while music is being played. Or AC vents.

    The ability to combine two previously sync'd playlists would be great too. Also the ability to clear all the current playing list.
    Bravo! Good ideas. How about a "Quickmix" button that randomizes tunes from a couple of different playlists or a 'Mo Mix button that does what RipplingHurst said, takes more from that artist or genre and builds a playlist on the fly.

    Also (can't remember if it works this way or not) but how about a default random playlist that allows you to just hit play and get going if there is no list loaded?

    I presume you are working on internet radio?
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Just downloaded this app and love it for making it easier to control the ipad while driving.

    Some thoughts on improving -

    I definately echo that toggling the map view in the cover art area would be awesome.

    Also, i am not feeling the fake air vents. I see what you were going for and i like the idea but for the most of us who have ipad in dash, it looks a little off to have our real air vents and then air vents on the screen. I do LOVE the button look and gauges, definately a plus, especially since the night view perfectly matches the color of my factory gauges which is a total home run for me.

    Instead of the air vents maybe you could put up like a notification window for pending emails?

    I love the dashboard look of this and dont want to lose that but would love to see some other options aside from the vents. I do some freelance photoshop work so if you'd like some assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.

    AWESOME WORK!!!!!!

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    I would say that it looks like (based on experience) a jailbroken user could change the "theme" simply by replacing a jpg file in the app's directory... I'll be buying this app as soon as my paycheck gets (auto)deposited. Takes for-freakin-ever...
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    I was thinking further about things to put up on the "dash" during my drive into work today, and i thought it would be nice to add a temperature display, maybe link up to weatherbug, based on location. Or show the days forecast based on a zip code the user enters, considering most people stay within a few miles of their zip codes during normal driving.

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    Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions.

    We have been a little tied up developing a few other apps, (unfortunately only one is related to ICE Tunes) so developing new features has been a little slow.
    But please keep the suggestions rolling in, as I will be finalizing the plans for version 2 in the next couple of weeks.

    ConstantNRG - I'll PM you regarding possible design work.

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