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Thread: How Do You Guys Startup/Shutdown iPad In Car?

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    How Do You Guys Startup/Shutdown iPad In Car?

    I have had a computer in my car for years, built one of the DIY or Ghetto Starup/Shutdown controllers, then upgraded to M2-ATX, blah blah blah....

    But I cant figure out how exactly you guys interface tablets, or iPads, with the car's ignition. Do you just lock the iPad before you leave the car? Does it stay connected to a 12v charger source all the time?
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    Jailbreak, there is an app I use that puts the ipad to sleep when ign is cut and wakes it up when ign is turned on. I cant for the life of me think of it but I will head out to the truck later today and find out. It is programmable, so you can set it to turn on and off with the ignition, though iPads take for ever to boot up.
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    did you ever lookup the name of that app? I'd love to check it out

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