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Thread: My Ipad mini install in my G8 (built with CTSV Nav dash)

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    My Ipad mini install in my G8 (built with CTSV Nav dash)

    Short demo:

    Finished pics:

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    Very smooooth man. I like the movement very much! excellent work SNO

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    That is effing awesome. What apps are you using? and what headunit is that?
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    How hard was it to integrate the cts navigation motorized screen section?

    Looks amazing. Probably the best iPad mini installation yet.

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    Thanks, I bought the Caddy parts used from eBay for a steal. I then removed the screen and made it fit the Ipad mini (removable). The other dash parts were cut and glassed around the pop up portion. I then added a touchscreen satellite radio tuner and custom Touch screen HVAC controller. Also have Plx Devices touch operated gauges. I also had to reroute the HVAC vents to work with this setup. As far as how it operates, I stripped the unit down to its most basic function which is a 12v motor that reverses polarity to move it up and down.

    The performance app I use is DashCommand with my own custom dashboard.

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    well done as usual.

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