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Thread: My own forum section!

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    sorry man, no such thing as cheap when it comes to motorization. If you want to do it cheap you will want to get into gears and motors rather than actuators. is a great place to get gears and motors for cheap. It takes a lot of playing around and testing to get something to move the way you want but its worth it. Any fabricator that can make his own gearing rather than using an actuator is pretty bad ***.

    I think they have some kits on that site too.
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    looks like i'll play around with my servos + atmega to see if they can do anything first.

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    hey Cabe - if this posts twice I'm sorry...posting from my phone.

    i sent you a PM but I know you're a busy guy. Just wanted to make sure you got the message. Enjoyed reading your posts on here! thanks!

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