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Thread: Eeepc 901 problem resume standby

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    Eeepc 901 problem resume standby

    I,m using a 901 with xp sp3 as a carpc.

    For internet I use Huawei E220.

    When The pc wakes up the internet does not connect automaticlly.

    Is there a way to do this?

    My networkconnection is HUAWEI3G.telenor

    Using rasdial it does not connect. But /disconnect works

    Any ideas what to do?

    The pc goes standy with ShutControl software.


    Solved reinstaled Windows.Working now

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    It was a while since this guy posted, but for anyone that is interested there is a software named redial.

    Check it out:

    Click on Redial and then bin. You have to call the network connection 3USBModem if you are going to use the compiled Redial.exe (Itīs under /bin)

    And for those of us who understands swedish:

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