What is the Auto App Mart?

The Auto App Mart is the first ever marketplace dedicated to automotive apps. For more than ten years, members of the mp3Car community have been contributing to the car computing hobby. Many members have contributed to the hobby by developing software that makes the car computing more useful and accessible. Now, all of these apps are in one place.

Why was the Auto App Mart created?

A lot of the software has been developed by the mp3Car community over the years. Until now, there has been no really easy way to sort through the software and no central location for purchase and download.Now, all of these apps are in one place.

What is exciting about the Auto App Mart?

The long term goal of the Auto App Mart is to advance in-vehicle innovation by providing an easy to use, central marketplace for automotive apps that run on your car computer or in-dash system. Customer requests and trends will also provide guidance to developers on which types of apps still need to be developed.